Christina Anderson & Noah Johnson's Wedding Day

June 18th, 2005 will be the best day for the rest of your lives.To post comments, advice, recipes, whatever go directily to Tina & Noah on this Guest Blogger I made for them Click on the comments link & a window will pop up. Then it's just basic following directions. Be sure to put your name unless you want to remain unknown also your email in the web link space. Thanks

Monday, September 19, 2005

Amanda_prom Posted by Picasa

Tina and siter Amanda at Amanda's graduation. Posted by Picasa

At the wedding...Tina's Posted by Picasa

The beautiful graduate... Posted by Picasa

The whole family Posted by Picasa

MY best girls  Posted by Picasa

The three muskateers.... at Amanda's graduation.... Tina, Amanda, JennJenn Posted by Picasa

Amanda's Graduation Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Somebody was having fun.... Posted by Picasa

Tina and Mr. Policeman at her bachorette party..... we were guarded... Posted by Picasa

Tina opening presents the next day.... Posted by Picasa

Jennifer and Lee Albert McClay of Aurora and Altona respectively.... don't you just love that word? Posted by Picasa

Jennifer Lynnn again having fun at the reception for her sister Tina Anderson Johnson. Posted by Picasa

Jennifer Lynnn this is at the reception at Legends Cafe, Galesburg, IL. Posted by Picasa

Kimberly  Posted by Picasa

The old "Hag" Posted by Picasa

Page Two Posted by Picasa

JennJenn Posted by Picasa

Leah & tina Posted by Picasa

Amanda & Jesse James... Posted by Picasa

The top of the cake... Posted by Picasa

Adjustments.... Posted by Picasa

Jenn and Amanda Clay..... at the bachelorette party & games.... Posted by Picasa

touch ups.... Posted by Picasa

Jenn, Tina, Leah, getting ready for the big moment. Posted by Picasa

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